IELTS Writing: FREE sample lessons

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The course has 6 Modules, and each Module has 5 lessons. There is one additional lesson that discusses Task 2 Writing in general – a total of 31 lessons.

Each Module explains how to answer ONE type of IELTS question. The 5 lessons clearly show you all the steps necessary to get the best possible IELTS score, including: analysing the question, planning the answer, deciding the content, organising your writing in a logical way, and writing clearly, accurately and naturally.


Sample lessons

Below are links to 4 of the 31 lessons that form the IELTS Writing Course. They give you some idea of the type of material – but in the real course each lesson is carefully structured to link with all the others. You can get full access today by following the “Enrol..” link on the right.

Sample lesson 1 is lesson 3 from the Course. It is the third lesson in Module 1 – writing a Task 1 essay based on charts.

Sample lesson 2 is lesson 10 from the Course. It is the fourth lesson in Module 2 – writing a Task 2 discuss essay.

Sample lesson 3 is lesson 18 from the Course. It is the second lesson in Module 4 – writing a Task 2 opinion essay.

Sample lesson 4 is lesson 29 from the Course. It is the third lesson in Module 6 – a Task 2 advantages and disadvantages essay.




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