IELTS Writing Course: FAQs

1            What is the IELTS Writing Online course?

Answer: It is a way for all students who are going to take IELTS to improve their writing result in a short period of time. It contains everything you need to know to do exactly that.

2            How does it work?

Answer: The course teaches you a process: the way to answer all types of IELTS question. It covers planning your answer, thinking of ideas to use, and writing your answer a logical, accurate way that will get you the highest possible score. It shows you how to organise your writing clearly – essential for a good mark. At the end of the course you will be confident that you can answer any kind of question.

3            What level of student is the course designed for?

Answer: Because the course teaches you a process – a method – it can be used by students of all levels. Of course, a student with a higher level of English (vocabulary / grammar etc.) will get a higher score. However, any student can use the method to get the best possible score.

3            How much does it cost?

Answer: It costs £95 – you can use the course for 6 weeks. You can finish more quickly that that – 4 weeks is enough to make a great improvement in your writing.

4            I am already having IELTS lessons? Is this course useful for me?

Answer: Yes, it is. Because this course teaches you a series of strategies – a method – it can be used in combination with any other course. You can improve your vocabulary / grammar etc. and then apply these language skills together with the skills you will learn in this course.

5            How can I enrol?

Click on the “Buy Now” link to Paypal on the enrolment page. It is very easy.

6            How long before I can start the course?

Answer: You can start immediately!

7           Does the course cover both Task 1 and Task 2 writing?

Answer: Yes it does – covers all types of IELTS writing.

The course has 6 Modules. There are 2 Modules for Task 1 – describing a chart, and describing a process – and 4 Modules for Task 2 – a discussion essay, an advantages and disadvantages essay, a problem-solution essay, and an opinion essay.

8            How much can I improve my score?

Answer: It varies from person to person.

In general a student who is a lower level (IELTS 4-6) can improve by more than a student who is already a high level (7+). Some students can improve dramatically (up to 2 bands). All students can improve – the course shows you exactly how.

9            How does the course help me to improve?

Answer: There is a Module for each type of IELTS essay. The Module shows you every stage of the process. This means that by the end of each Module you know exactly what to do at each stage.

Important: I also show you how to quickly think of ideas for you essays. Many students find it difficult to do this – in fact, with a bit of practice, it is not very difficult at all – you will learn how!

10            What kind of material does the course include?

Answer: All the Modules are based around a single IELTS question.

The course uses video, audio, downloadable pdfs, quizzes, dictations and other types of exercise to help you fully understand the complete writing process – from reading the question to producing a well-written and well-argued essay.

11            Why do you use different media?

Answer: Using a variety of media for different parts of the Module makes it easier to explain every step of the process clearly. This is essential if you are going to be able to use the method. The exercises in each Module help you to practise the method.

12          How long does it take to finish the course?

Answer: Of course, it depends how much time you spend on the course. It can be finished in 3 weeks. There is a limit of 6 weeks because you have to study regularly so that the method is easy for you to use in the exam. If you go too slowly you will not get the best results!

13          At the end of the course, do I have anything to keep?

Answer: Yes. Every Module has downloadable pdfs that you can keep, and which summarise all the main points.

14          Does the course teach me topic language for Task 2 questions?

Answer: No, it does not. This course teaches you a method that you can apply to every topic question.

It does include very useful language and phrases – e.g. for giving opinions, for signposting the structure of the essay or for explaining advantages and disadvantages – but it does not include long lists of topic words for a large range of topics.

In fact, you don’t need a lot of detailed topic vocabulary to write a great essay. For example, if you are writing about the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power you do not need many words about the nuclear industry.

The course shows you how to use all the language you do know in order to get the best possible mark. This means the course helps you get a better score whatever your general level of English.

15          If I pay for the course and I cannot access the material, what should I do?

Answer: If you have any problems you can email me at – I can resolve any problems very quickly.

16          Do you guarantee that my IELTS writing score will improve?

No, of course not. If you do not follow the course carefully, you will not get the full benefit. I am confident that if you finish the course and then use the material you will improve your score. However, it is impossible to make a 100% guarantee.

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