(3) IELTS Writing Task 1: question with charts – writing the essay (part 1)

Lesson 3 Writing the essay (part 1)

How to use this material:

Click on “Open pdf” to download the main pdf file for this lesson.

Print the pdf – or look at it on your computer during the lesson.

If you work through the material carefully, your writing score will improve

(10) How to write paragraph 1 – introduction.

Listen to me: Audio 14

(11) Writing paragraph 1 – key points and method.

Listen to me: Audio 15

(12) Writing paragraph 1 – examples.

Listen to me: Audio 16

(13) Writing paragraph 1 – video example.

Video 2

(14) Practice writing paragraph 1.

Open the slide pdf on the right and write sentences to show what the charts show.

Check your answer on the next slide.

(15) Lesson summary.

Listen to me: Audio 17

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