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IELTS TopicsUse with IELTS online writing course: builds language and ideas!

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(1) 25 key topics for IELTS (100 pages) – topic language and language for building arguments and expressing opinions. (See list of topics below.)

(2) Impress the examiner and get a higher score.

(3) Exercises with each topic help you learn the language: read / listen / dictation / gap fill / error correction.

(4) Links to online audio: listening and dictation for each topic.

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Topics include:

Advertising / Aid to developing countries / Alternative medicine / Divorce / English as an international language / Festivals / Gender roles / Government housing / Immigration / Nuclear power / Modern v traditional architecture / Stress in the modern world / Family size / The value of education / Tourism / Censorship / Change / Consumerism / Education: streaming / Job satisfaction / Travel


A lot of the language can be used with many different topics. The goal is to be able to use the language – not only understand it.

For this reason there are exercises with each text – dictation, gap fill and error correction – that will ensure you can:

  1. Say the words naturally. (Listen)
  2. Write the words without spelling mistakes. (Dictation)
  3. Remember important patterns of words that go together in natural English. (Gap fill)
  4. Avoid basic mistakes and learn to notice and correct your mistakes. (Error correction)

Work through the topics carefully – do not rush – and your IELTS writing and speaking will improve.

Sample: Aid to developing countries – good or bad.

Click here to open pdf with sample unit.

Audio files:

Read and listen





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