IELTS Speaking Sample: Part 2: Choices

Look at the question from part 2 of the speaking test:

Describe an important choice you had to make in your life.

You should say:

  • when you had to make this choice
  • what you had to choose between
  • whether you made a good choice

and explain how you felt when you were making this choice.

Remember: you have to talk for about 2 minutes and you have 1 minute to prepare.

Technique: choose a topic where you can tell a story – this makes it easy to talk – (eg job / going to study abroad)

Note: basic points to answer the questions

My thoughts:

I am going to talk about

  • changing my job – lawyer or tacher!
  • when I was about 24
  • felt relaxed at the time – because I was young and confident!
  • no regrets about it – a good choice

My general story is true – it makes it easier for me to use details.

Listen to my example:

You might find these phrases useful:

  • It is difficult to choose…
  • I do remember..
  • I had to choose between — and —
  • Looking back..
  • All I can say is..
  • I have no regrets about it…

Practise talking for 2 minutes – do it a few times – you will get better each time!

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