Course Structure

This unique online course shows you exactly how to improve your IELTS Writing score. It guides you, in clear logical steps, all the way from reading the question to completing and checking your answer.

Because the course teaches you a process, or approach to IELTS Writing questions, it can be used on its own, or in combination with any other IELTS course or book. It will help any student to obtain the best possible score.

For only £95 you get unlimited access the whole course for 6 weeks. If you enrol now you can have immediate access. 

And I am so confident that you will improve your score that I guarantee to refund your money if your Writing score does not improve.

Course Structure

This complete IELTS Writing course is based on all my experience teaching students, and working as an IELTS examiner. It guides you through the 6 key types of essay required for success in both Task 1 and Task 2 IELTS writing questions.

Many students increase their score dramatically. I show you clearly and logically how to write effective essays for all types of IELTS writing question.

Course Structure

The course has 31 Units and covers all types of IELTS Task 1 and Task 2 writing. You can improve your score in 4 weeks or less.

There are 6 Modules that cover the 6 main types of IELTS writing:

  • Task 1: Charts and tables.
  • Task 2: Discussion essays.
  • Task 1: Process.
  • Task 2: Opinion essays.
  • Task 2: Problem – solution essay.
  • Task 2: Advantages – disadvantages essays.

There are 5 lessons in each Module and 1 Introduction to Task 2 writing – 31 lessons in total.

The 5 lessons in each module clearly explain all the stages of effective writing. This is explained as simple logical steps that you can use yourself in your writing. These include (for Task 2 questions steps):

  1. Reading the question and identifying the essay type.
  2. Planning your answer.
  3. Thinking of the content.
  4. Organising your ideas.
  5. Paragraph writing – interesting, clear and logical paragraphs.
  6. Using personal examples to boost your score.
  7. Building good sentences – easy steps to a higher score.

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Each lesson has:

  • Pdf to download and keep.
  • Individual webpage.
  • Audio / video / slides / exercises to make the lesson 100% clear!
  • Extensive practice to ensure you understand everything.
  • A clear, logical structure – this means you can follow it exactly in your own writing.

Many students find the IELTS writing difficult – now there is a solution.

For less than the price of an IELTS test in the UK you can learn the skills you need to increase your score – and then get access to the universities that you really want to attend.

What’s next:

Bonus Material

As well as the Writing Course you will receive the following additional FREE bonus material:

FREE IELTS Topics eBook (price £19.99) (sent by email within 48 hours of enrolling in IELTS writing course).

FREE Language Building eBook (price £9.99) (sent by email within 48 hours of enrolling in IELTS writing course).

FREE access to 54 IELTS Speaking practice exercises to help you improve your speaking score. For FREE samples click here. Immediate access after enrolling in the Writing Course.

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