LB111BD: Language Building eBook Volume 1: Unit 11 Part B (page 23) dictation

“Euro under siege after Portugal hits panic button.”

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Part B Dictation: paragraphs three and four of text.

I am dividing each text into 2 parts (A and B), so that the dictation is shorter, and easier to use when you have a bit of spare time. I hope you find this useful.

Why is dictation useful?

  1. You improve your accuracy.
  2. You remember natural patterns.
  3. Your spelling improves.
  4. You can check your progress – when you repeat it you should get it right!

How to use the dictation?

  1. Study the
  2. Make sure you understand it.
  3. Try the dictation.
  4. Check your answer VERY carefully with the text.
  5. Repeat until you make NO mistakes.

Step 5 is very important. If you do not do this you are not learning, and are simply wasting your time.

Dictation Unit 11 Part B:

Read and study Unit 11  (page 23) of Language Building (Vol 1)  carefully before trying the dictation.

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Remember: if you make mistakes – do it again.

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