LB134E: Language Building (Vol 1): Find the errors in the sentences

Read the sentences below. Each sentence contains a collocation from Units 3 and 4 (pages 7 and 9) of Language Building Volume 1.

If you have not got the book and want to know more click here.

There are 2 mistakes in the 5 sentences. If you are comfortable with the language in the texts you should be able to find them easily.

Check your answers by looking at the book.

(1)    The opening ceremony of the London Olympic Games in 2012 will invite inevitable comparisons between it and the Beijing Olympics.

(2)    It is necessary to introduce strict new rules on energy consumption if we are to avoid the worst consequences of global warming.

(3)    I believe it is necessary to introduce tough new penalties for people caught selling drugs to young people.

(4)    Speculation on possible changes in the climate that may occur in fifty years time is unlikely to bear any relation to what will actually happen.

(5)    The British government has recently unvieled new plans to reduce the number of prisoners by sentencing more people to community service.

Checking your answers is part of the learning process. It helps you to remember. If you cannot find the errors after looking in the book you can email me and I will tell you.

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